Friday, March 13, 2009

Albertson's Bargain Meal of the Week - sales cycle 03/11 - 03/17/09

This week's Albertson's weekly ad features some great products for only $1 each! Be sure to look over the ad before going or while in-store to maximize your personal savings! These sale prices are posted for the Phoenix and Tucson metro areas this week.

Meal #1 - Roasted whole chicken with vegetables and French bread

Items to Purchase on Sale this week for this Meal
Sanderson Farms whole roasting chicken - $1 per pound
Red potatoes - 99 cents per pound
1 bag of carrots - 2 pounds - 99 cents
French bread - $1 per loaf (look for hot and ready loaves near check out stands!)

Meal #2 - Homemade chicken nuggets with green salad and french fries

Items to Purchase on Sale this week for this Meal
Boneless skinless chicken breast tenders - $1.67 per pound **
Fresh Express bagged salad mix - $1 for 12 ounce bag
Wishbone salad dressings - $1 for 7-16 ounce bottle

** This is a great price to stock up on boneless skinless chicken breast and tenders! **

Please be sure to check back next week for more great meal ideas. Other menu suggestions based upon this week's sales can be found at $5 Dinners!

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