Thursday, April 9, 2009

Fry's Bargain Meals of the Week - 04/08 - 04/14/09

Bargain Meal of the Week

I feel fortunate to be included in the Bargain Meal of the Week feature at $5 Dinners! Check out their site for great bargain meal suggestions each and every week. Here are a few menus to try this week based upon Fry’s advertised sales running this week (04/08 through 04/14/09).

In our family, we have a lot of “familiar” meals that we use throughout each month. These are the starting point of our meal plans – the things I know my family will eat again and again. I will often try one or two new recipes a week based on the weekly sales or recipes that I find appealing and want to sample. You may, as a result, see some repeats in our menus. But, that is why I always try to offer at least two meal suggestions for each store – to help you find at least one bargain meal your family might enjoy from our selections!

Meal #1 – Roasted turkey breast with mashed potatoes, gravy and steamed carrots
Items to buy on sale for this meal:
Jennie-O turkey breast – 97 cents per pound
Russet potatoes – 5 pound bag – 67 cents (limit 2)
Kroger mini peeled carrots – 1 pound bag – 88 cents

Meal #2 – Ham with garlic mashed potatoes and steamed vegetables
Items to buy on sale for this meal:
Cook’s Spiral Sliced ham, bone-in – $1.17 per pound (limit 1)
Russet potatoes – 5 pound bag – 67 cents (limit 2)
PictSweet frozen vegetables – 77 cents per bag

Meal #3 – Grilled T-bone steaks with baked potatoes and green salad
Items to buy on sale for this meal:
USDA Choice Aged T-bone steaks – $3.77 per pound (first 2)
Russet potatoes – 5 pound bag – 67 cents (limit 2)
Dole bagged salads – 5-12 ounces - $2

Thanks for stopping by to see our meal suggestions based on what is on sale this week at Fry’s stores. Check out $5 Dinners for more great bargain meal suggestions - and stop by again next week for more thrifty menu ideas!

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