Saturday, April 4, 2009

Safeway's Bargain Meals of the Week - and leftover tips - sales week of 04/01 - 04/07/09

Bargain Meal of the Week

You can check out Safeway's online grocery circular for some great bargain products. Here are a few menu suggestions for this week based upon Safeway’s advertised sales. Each meal also has a tip to use up any leftovers! Enjoy!

Meal #1 – Crock pot BBQ pork ribs served over rice or noodles with a side of raw or steamed baby carrots

Items to buy on sale for this meal:
Bone-in Pork Country Style Ribs – 98 cents per pound
Eating Right baby peeled carrots – 2 pound bag - $1.48

Leftover Suggestions:

Original recipe poster suggested using the sauce leftover from these ribs as a topping for pasta a second night. You can also shred any leftover pork to use as barbeque sandwich filling - or as a starter for burrito, taco or enchilada filling.

Meal #2 - Beef Roast with carrots and potatoes

Items to buy on sale for this meal:
Rancher’s Reserve Beef London Broil - $1.98 per pound
Eating Right baby peeled carrots – 2 pound bag - $1.48

Leftover Suggestions :

Roast beef is one of the best leftovers! You can slice it thin and serve with gravy over toast for open faced roast beef sandwiches (don't forget the mashed potatoes if you choose this route - yummy!).

You can add barbeque sauce for quick and easy sandwiches (on toast or hamburger buns). You can also spice it up a bit and use it as topping for shredded beef nachos or tostadas! Or, my family loves to use shredded roast beef for filling burritos and tacos as well.

It is very cost effective to make a large roast and plan for one or more of these leftover remakes later in the week. You can even reuse your beef gravy as part of the sauce with many of these options!

Thanks for stopping by to see our meal suggestions based on what is on sale this week at Safeway stores. Check out $5 Dinners for more great bargain meal suggestions - and stop by again next week for more thrifty menu ideas!

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